Calling All Makeup Wearers Who Hate Having to Use Brushes: Here's Your Fingers-Only Application Guide

Because your hand is basically a brush set.

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I love makeup brushes and beautyblenders as much as the next woman, but they're not something I want rolling around the bottom of my bag for a variety of reasons. So often times, I find myself using my good ol' fashioned finger tips.

And because I get the feeling I'm in good company in this respect, i.e. all women are doing it, doesn't it make sense for us to know how to do it right? Here, find a quick-and-dirty guide to taking a fingers-only approach.

Golden Rule: Always wash your hands first. No exceptions.

Lips: Since you're likely working from a tube of lip color, you may not need your fingers. But ICYMI: Violette says blurred lips are cool, so blurred lips are cool. And fingers are perfect for them. All you have to do is is take your ring finger and apply lip color from the center of your lips out towards the lip line. Once the color is distributed evenly, smack your lips together. "Caress the contours around the lips to blur it," she instructs. "It works with any texture."

Eyes: For shadow, you're always going to want to start with your dexterous index finger as it'll give you optimal control for the base layer. Then, for the smoky effect, use your middle finger, beginning from the center of the lid and working your way out. Your fingers, namely your pinky finger, are also great for highlighting the inner corners.

Face: "I apply primer and foundation with my hands like I'm applying face cream," explains Nasrat. "The warm of my hands really helps the foundation blend and move easily."

And dark circles? Fingers have got you.

"If you're applying concealer, you want to warm up the concealer between your thumb and ringer finger by rubbing," explains celebrity makeup artist Kira Nasrat. "Then the product is ready to be pressed gently on the under eye area. This will warm up the product and help it melt on the skin."

Cheeks: "If I notice I'm wearing too much lipstick, I kiss the back of my pointer finger and middle finger then tap it on to my cheeks," explains Nasrat. It's all about the tap and blend, which is why I'm obsessed with Milk Makeup's Blush Oil as it was practically made for the on-the-go, finger tapping.

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