This New Hair Treatment Makes It Look Like You Got a Blowout Every Day

No round brush necessary.

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Perm treatments are in the midst of a revival, but not just for re-imagined '80s ringlets. On the other side of the spectrum, there's the c-curl. A phenomenon in Korea (where perms never really went away), the treatment consists of straightening the majority of hair except for the ends, which are curled. The idea is that you're making the hair look as if you got a fresh, bouncy blow out—except one that lasts for months at a time. Genius.

As far as setting the "C" shape, there's a few different ways you can approach it depending on the length of your hair. The curls can face inward, outward, or both based on the results you're looking for. Approaches vary based on different salons, but oftentimes it's a call back to the sci-fi-looking wave machines of the 1930's. Like their vintage counterparts, these devices have suspended, robot-like arms that hold ceramic rollers in place. 

If you're looking for the c-curl treatment stateside, it's not something you can get at just any salon. Your best bet would be to shop around for the right Korean hair salon, book a consultation, and confirm they know the process, inside and out. If all else fails, there's always booking a trip to Seoul, which while not convenient or economical by any means, will definitely bode well for your beauty regimen

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