This Is, Hands Down, the Craziest-Looking Haircut We've Ever Seen

So many questions.

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Are the days of getting a good old-fashioned trim numbered? It seems that way given that the Internet is hellbent on turning every technique upside down...literally. In a new viral video, a German salon is defying both gravity and logic. And suffice it to say: Vidal Sassoon may or may not be rolling in his grave right now...

In the 'lapsed Instagram clip, a hairstylist at M&M FRISEURE salon bucks all tradition by separating the client's wet, shoulder-length hair into four different ponytailed sections, then, using some sort of gel or wax, makes the hair stand straight up so that she can trim the ends in midair.

While the results appear to be totally sound, the lengths the stylist went to to achieve the haircut strike us as a gawk-at-this social play versus a cutting-edge (yes, pun intended) method.

That being said, the video has already racked up MILLIONS of views—but we can't hate the player or the game because the whole hair-standing-on end thing, while 100% ridiculously unnecessary, is pretty harmless and kind of of amazing to watch in action, no?

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Lauren Valenti
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