Confirmed: The Labia Puffing Trend Is Just as Crazy as It Sounds

Ouch. But also, more power to any woman that goes there.

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Fillers for your vagina? Why yes, it's time to add them to the growing list of super-intimate treatments alongside the labia lift and G-spot enhancement.

Designed to keep your lady bits plumped-up, smooth, and glow-y forever, non-invasive labiaplasty injections are on the rise.

"The vagina, like the rest of our bodies, loses volume and fullness with age as well as elasticity of the skin," Dr. Jennifer Walden, plastic surgeon, tells the Daily Star. "Plumping the labia majora gives it a more youthful appearance."

So how exactly does it work? It's a matter of using fat from elsewhere on your body to add volume back to the deflated nether regions.

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"First fat is harvested from a good donor site such as the abdomen or inner thigh with a small cannula that has a blunt tip," explains Walden. "It is then injected into the labia majora to puff it up through tiny access sites."

So, yeah, this one isn't for the faint of heart, ladies 😱.

As far as cost, it's not cheap either. Running anywhere from £2,045 to £2,860 ($2,492-$3,485) for a treatment, it makes Botox look like a bargain.

But costliness aside, in light of recent political rhetoric, we proudly take a firm it's your-pussy-do-what-you-want stance.

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