5 Ways to Make Sure Your Neck Looks as Young as Your Face

You'll thank us later.

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When skincare experts advise you to anti-age from the neck up, that includes the neck, FYI. That's because it's at the top of the list of body parts that reveal your age first—and if you're not giving it the same treatment as your face, you're doing 70-year-old you a major disservice. Here's how to course-correct:

1. Stop looking at your phone all the time. The reality is that constantly flexing your neck is creating a whole new set of wrinkles (AKA Tech Neck). In an age where our phones are essentially an extension of our bodies, there's only so much you can do to stop yourself. But there *are* some exercises that elongate the neck, as well as release tension. Get the lowdown here.


2. Moisturize your neck daily. It will prevent and minimize the appearance of neck lines. And while you can totally use the same formula you do on your face, if you're really dedicated to the cause it's worth investing in a neck-specific cream. "They help a little more with tightening and include slightly different ingredients, like caffeine," explains dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, M.D., at Schweiger Dermatology Group. Nazarian recommends formulas that are lightweight, gentle, and packed packed with peptides and anti-oxidants.

3. Wear SPF every day. The best medicine is prevention and as you might have suspected, the sun is the biggest offender when it comes to early signs of aging. What you might not know is that your neck is at greater risk because it's even thinner than that on your face.

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"Damage from ultraviolet light causes laxity of the delicate neck tissue, leading to sagging of skin and enhancement of the lines," explains Nazarian. Make sure you're applying sunblock, with a minimum of SPF 30, daily.

4. Wash your neck before bed. It's annoying, but just as important as cleansing your face."If you don't shower at night, micropollutants and free radicals from the day can cause premature aging of the skin on your neck," cautions Nazarian.

5. Try a skin-resurfacing treatment. "Chemical peels, microneedling, and lasers such as Fraxel help resurface the skin, minimize lines, and tighten the neck by inducing collagen production," she says.

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