Escape to the Hamptons

Hampton Sun Privet Bloom

Hampton Sun Privet Bloom
(Image credit: Hampton Sun)

If you're finding that you can't get away this summer for a vacation, surround yourself with scents that remind you of your favorite destinations instead. Privet Bloom is the newest fragrance from Hampton Sun, a New York-based company, and is inspired by the fragrant hedges that bloom throughout the southeastern Long Island area known as the Hamptons. The fresh-smelling floral of this light scent will carry you to the Hamptons without the two-hour ride on the Jitney.

Reminiscent of summers in the Hamptons as a child, Salvatore Piazzolla, co-creator, recalls the Privet hedges that act as property privacy bushes lining the streets. The aroma of the hedges meant one thing: summer. Since the Privet bush only blooms within the last two weeks of June, it's very unique and noteworthy to passersby.

"My favorite thing about this scent is the culmination of the notes in it," Piazzolla said. "Lily of the Valley, White Hyacinth, Jasmine, dune grass, sea spray, blue plum and of course, the captivating Privet Blossom leads to a very unique, crisp and clean aroma."

The fragrance, available in eau de toilette and eau de parfum, is also formulated in a hand lotion and shower gel. (Maybe they should make a candle or diffuser next!) Regardless of how you wear it, you'll carry the distinct scent of breezy summer day.

Scents that channel favorite destinations are creatively fun. Scents that carry you from paper trails to luxurious Long Island beaches are even more fun. Grab a bottle at or visit for more information on Hampton Sun products.

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