13 Dreamy Hairstyles to Wear to Your Next Summer Wedding

Because apparently every single friend is getting married this year.

Wedding hairstyle ideas
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It's barely spring, and you've already been invited to six out-of-state weddings, all coincidentally happening in the months of June, July, and August. While you're busy figuring out how you're going to manage all that, we'll give you one less thing to worry about: your hairstyle. Behold, the ultimate celeb-inspired guide to summer wedding hair that'll have you ready to walk down the aisle yourself. You know, if you're into that whole love thing.

1. Fame-Framing Waves

Fame-Framing Waves

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Rachel McAdam's low bun is proof that not all updos are stuffy, thanks to the pieces of wand-curled waves framing the edges of her face.

2. Raked-Back Twist

Raked-Back Twist

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You don't need long hair to pull off a soft twist because, fun fact, Emma Watson's hair is actually only chin-length. As long as you've got a ton of bobby-pins and hairspray, you can pull off an updo with any cut.

3. Pinned Curls

Pinned Curls

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Even the most well-behaved of curls will frizz and poof under the heat of a summer wedding. Don't try to fight them. Just part your hair, à la Kiersey Clemons, loosely clip back one side, and let your curls fall where they may.

4. Soft Braids

Soft Braids

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Perfectly woven braids can feel juvenile, but Ellie Bamber's twisted and messy updo looks definitively romantic. Gently tug on the edges of your hairline to loosen short layers for an even softer finish.

5. Sleek Topknot 

Sleek Topknot

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A topknot by any other name is, uh, still a topknot. But a glossy, slicked-back topknot adorned with golden flowers, i.e. Zendaya's look, is a statement.

6. Side-Swept Chignon

Side-Swept Chignon

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You don't need bangs to copy Keira Knightley's undone chignon—just make a deep side part with your fingers (the messier, the better) and let your hair fall softly over your forehead and ears before twisting into a chignon.

7. Braided Chignon

Braided Chignon

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Behold the perfect example of a braided knot that doesn't feel severe or bookish—thanks to Zoe Saldana's mix of a smooth hairline with a soft crown.

8. Victorian-Level Ponytail

Victorian-Level Ponytail

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Soft, loose, and wispy, Nicole Kidman's just-ran-through-the-fields ponytail is straight out of a Jane Austen novel, while the black satin ribbon keeps the look feeling polished.

9. Wet-Look Waves

Wet-Look Waves

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10. Piled-High Curls 

Piled-High Curls

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Scooped back and pinned up, Nathalie Emmanuel's natural curls feel like a lewk, rather than an afterthought.

11. Finger Waves

Finger Waves

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Is there a time where finger waves weren't in style and ridiculously gorgeous? No. The answer is no. And Naomi Watts proves it by turning her lob into a soft, brushed-through finger wave.

12. Flower-Crowned Updo

Flower-Crowned Updo

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Yes, we realize a flower crown isn't exactly groundbreaking for summer, but Kirsten Dunst makes the cliché feel new by pairing her floral headband with smooth, side-swept bangs.

13. Barely-Pinned Bun

Barely-Pinned Bun

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A loose, gently pinned bun with wavy, face-framing layers, like Michelle Williams', is the ultimate foundation for summer wedding hair.

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