The 21 Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Your Shiniest, Healthiest Hair Ever

Shine from the inside out.

The 25 Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Your Shiniest, Healthiest Hair Ever
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Try as we may, our diets aren't always looking out for the health of our hair (opens in new tab) as much as they could be. Even if you're drinking your water, eating your vegetables, and minding your business, you should still be incorporating vitamins into your hair care routine with nourishing and growth-stimulating (opens in new tab) ingredients that promote growth, strength, and volume. Whether you're battling with hair loss and thinning, (opens in new tab) or you just regret your current haircut (we've been there and are here for you), the best hair growth vitamins are designed to kick your hair-growing journey into high gear.

From the Dose & Co collagen blends you've seen on a Kardashian's Instagram page to tried-and-true picks from famed trichologist Philip Kingsley, the Marie Claire beauty team rounded up our favorite hair vitamins, supplements, and gummies.

What should you look for in a hair growth vitamin?

The most effective hair growth vitamins and supplements packed with ingredients like biotin, keratin, collagen peptide, and hyaluronic acid, all of which are clinically proven to bring you your best hair days yet.

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