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5 Vitamins That Will Give You Longer, Shinier, and Healthier Hair

From gummies to capsules.

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Try as we may, our diets aren't looking out for the health of our hair as much as they could be. And so we look to vitamins with nourishing and growth-stimulating ingredients for longer, shinier, and more voluminous strands. From the SugarBearHair supplements you've seen in many a Kardashian Instagram to those from famed Trichologist Philip Kingsley, here are our favorites.

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1 Phyto Phytophanère Hair And Nails Dietary Supplement

This highly-potent supplement not only promotes healthier and shinier hair with a slew of fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, but makes your nails stronger and promotes glowier skin while it's at it.

Phyto Phytophanère Hair And Nails Dietary Supplement, $60; sephora.com.

2 SugarBearVitamins

These little blue bears (which are gelatin and gluten free) are flavored with natural berries and infused with biotin, folic acid, and Vitamin D to stimulate growth and promote healthy hair. They are also kind of addicting, so beware.

SugarBearVitamins, $29.99; sugarbearhair.com.

3 Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair

These vegan gummies were formulated with clinically researched nutrients, such as Fo-Ti—a root used in traditional Chinese medicine—to yield stronger hair and richer color.

Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair, $20; sephora.com.

4 Philip Kingsley PK4 Hair Dietary Supplements

Kingsley, a renowned trichologist known for his holistic approach to scalp health, designed these supplements to work with your hair's natural growth cycle in each of its three stages. The secret weapon ingredient is "Soya Protein," which is a source of keratin-producing amino acids for fuller, longer hair.

Philip Kingsley PK4 Hair Dietary Supplements, $42; net-a-porter.com.

5 Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins

These capsules are packed with unique key ingredients like pantothenic acid, which strengthens the hair follicles, and Vitamin B12, which promotes the transportation of oxygen to the scalp.

Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins, $25; sephora.com.

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