The 18 Best Hair Growth Products, According to Experts

Kiss that bad haircut goodbye.

woman flipping hair
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For better or worse, the journey toward envy-inducing, waist-length mermaid hair takes much more than regular washing with your go-to shampoo and conditioner. Growing thick, healthy hair that lasts also involves treating your hair gently, taking care of your scalp, hydrating, and eating healthily. However, if the locks of your dreams still aren't coming to fruition, you may be in the market for hair growth products such as hair growth shampoos, hair growth oils, hair vitamins, collagen powders, and more. 

However, the world of hair growth products is daunting and unexpectedly large, filled with scientific-sounding ingredients you may never have seen or heard of before. For that reason, we've tapped dermatologists, trichologists, and hairstylists to simplify the world of hair growth and recommend the best products, hands down, for overall hair growth. Your dream mane is no more than a tap away. 

Best Hair Growth Shampoos

It can be difficult to incorporate a new step into your haircare routine when it isn't already a habit. But no matter how simple or elaborate your regimen, you'll always need to wash your hair, so why not turn your normal rinse into an opportunity for hair growth? Scroll on for some of our experts' favorite hair growth shampoos. 

Best Hair Growth Conditioners

Having soft, hydrated hair not only makes for smoother-looking hair, but it also reduces breakage, helping you retain length. Below, some of the very best hair growth conditioners money can buy.

Best Hair Growth Oils

Hair growth oils, which are most often applied directly to the scalp, can be a game-changer when introduced to your normal haircare routine. Check below for a few dermatologist recommended favorites.