Beauty Around the Clock: Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu

The 'Emily in Paris' star on her signature scent, mood-boosting Parisian power walks, and why she never wears makeup in real life.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu in Beauty Around the Clock
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Nobody does French beauty like Emily in Paris’ Sylvie Grateau. The slightly tousled hair, the minimal makeup, the simple sophistication. The effortless aura we see on-screen isn’t too far off from Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu’s real-life look. In fact, the actress even introduced some of her favorite products, including Giorgio Armani’s Neo Nude Foundation and A-Blush, to the show’s makeup artist Aurélie Payen. The common thread through it all? Light, barely-there products that look like skin. “Little makeup is always better. Once you age, it’s really always better, but I was like this even when I was younger. The natural beauty comes out,” the Netflix star tells Marie Claire. 

With makeup taking a backseat, Leroy-Beaulieu has always put a focus on skincare—a habit she learned once upon a time from her grandmother. She also makes a point to get a good night’s sleep, set aside time for movement, and drink her carrot juice (she swears by it, so get on board). Here, the Emily in Paris star shares her French pharmacy skincare staples, the hair products she can’t live without, and the fragrance she sources from Tangier. 

Rise & Shine 

I'm a natural riser and I wake up early—especially when it's summer. In the winter, I tend to sleep a little more. When there's no light outside, I basically like to stay in bed. But I am more of a morning person. I don’t necessarily need caffeine, but I do love something called guarana. It’s a Brazilian root that they turn into a powder and it’s great for energy. It’s better than caffeine too because you don’t have ups and downs. I also take a lot of vitamin C. Like, a lot. 

Morning Maintenance

There’s this Italian brand called Santa Maria Novella and they make this incredible skin tonic. It just smells delicious. It’s from one of the oldest Italian pharmacies—it’s 800 years old. They have these really beautiful, natural products that were made by the monks at the monastery in those times. They still do original recipes to this day. So anyway, that’s the first thing on my face. Then I’ll go have my breakfast with a little tea or my fake coffee, which is mushroom coffee. Then I’ll take my shower—I always take showers in the morning. After that I’ll grab my products from CliniCare. It's a Swedish brand and they have this hyaluronic acid serum that’s really nice and thin and penetrates the skin. If it’s summer or hot out, that’s it. But if I feel a little dehydrated, I’ll put on CliniCare’s cream too. There’s also a beautiful cream I love called La Fervance. 

Power Start 

I love my carrot juice. It’s really good for you, really good for your skin, and really good for your health so drink as much carrot juice as you can. I’ll drink it in the morning or midday depending on how much time I have. I have a juicer and I do it myself. 

Fitness Fix 

I do a lot of different things. I'm a walker. I've been doing Iyengar yoga for 15 years. Sometimes I’ll just do a basic workout when I’m alone at home. I do different things depending on my mood; I’m not obsessive with one thing. I like to keep it simple and fun. Sometimes it’s a week where I’m going to walk a lot and maybe not do anything else, then the next week I might do yoga every morning. I feel good like that because I feel free. Since lockdown, I don’t want to be contrived by anything. I don’t want to feel like a prisoner in any situation. During the first lockdown, I walked an hour every day, super fast, on the riverbank in Paris. I also really enjoy walking in the forest. Sometimes I’ll even go south of Paris, where we have a beautiful forest. I usually go there by train, get off, and cross the forest until the next train stop, which is four hours away. It’s beautiful. I’ll stop and have my little sandwich and listen to birds and then get on the next train at the next station and go back to Paris. There’s something about it: The oxygen, the sunlight, the nature, breathing—all these beautiful things.

Signature Look 

When I was a kid and a teenager, my grandmother would take me every two or three months to this old French beauty store. They did beautiful facials and had beautiful skincare. My grandmother taught me to take care of my skin. She was always interested in putting on a good cream and not necessarily makeup. That was her transmission to me. And in real life, I don’t wear makeup. I always put my skin on vacation when I’m not shooting. I think it’s better for the skin to breathe. My grandmother had beautiful skin. My mother had beautiful skin. And I’m lucky enough to have their good genes. 

I also think that as you age, makeup makes you look older. When your face changes, it's better to just calm down on the paint. When you're younger you can put a lot of stuff on your face and it looks nice and it's fun, but when you get older? I don't think it looks good.

Hair Help 

My hair routine is very simple. I just wash and dry. And honestly, sometimes in the summer I just let it dry by itself. If I'm working, I obviously let people take care of my hair, but otherwise I let it just breathe. I use very natural shampoos. There’s a brand called New Wash—it’s from Michael Gordon, the guy that created Bumble & Bumble. It’s shampoo and conditioner, it’s cream, and it doesn't make a foam or anything. 

Signature Scent 

I’ll wear jasmine or orange blossom. It’s a Moroccan oil that I buy in Tangier and bring back. It’s really handmade and super beautiful. 


There’s a product that I love from French pharmacies. It’s the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It’s kind of minty and it’s great to spray on the skin. Whether it’s in the morning, or at night, or when it’s hot, when I’m shooting—whenever I need a little refresh.

Beauty Icon 

I would say my mother. She was very natural, very beautiful, and unapologetic. She was a bit of a Sylvie and had this incredible natural beauty. She passed, but I remember her being this incredibly strong and beautiful woman who never did anything to her face. 

Backup Career 

I think I would have travelled the world and taken pictures. I love images and I’m very curious about other people, other places, and other cultures.

P.M. Routine 

Well, I obviously wash my face and take everything off. I’ve discovered these incredible little micro-fiber pads and I put them under lukewarm water, wipe my face, and it takes everything off. You don’t even have to use anything extra around the eyes—it’s super convenient. You wash them afterwards and there’s no trace of makeup. I used to use a cleansing oil, but this experience is better. Then I like to spray my face with the Caudalie water or the tonic from Santa Maria Novella. I go back to my CliniCare essence and serum. If I feel like I need to add something more because my skin is thirsty, I’ve been shooting all day, or it’s cold out, I’ll use the Augustinus Bader Face Cream Rich to lock it all in. 

Lights Out 

Reading is the best way to calm me down. I love to get into a book. I don’t watch television—I don’t even have a television. I haven’t had one for 15 years and I’m super happy. I don’t like to have it in my house. I can watch movies or series on my computer. 

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