Starting Early on Anti-Aging?

After reading so many stories on wrinkles I have already begun my anti-aging regimens - yes, in my mid-20s

Confession: I'm in my mid-20s and I have already begun my anti-aging regimens. I don't know if I'm smart or obsessed, but I'm definitely hyper-conscious about taking care of my skin.

I've begun experimenting with a couple products that I just had to share:

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Face It by MIT chemical engineer, Allison Gallo, is targeted at women in their 20s. It will not only make your skin feel super soft but I swear my pores have become less visible. Though that's not something the brand claims, it does promise to stimulate collagen and promote cell renewal with antioxidant Matrixyl 3000. Although the day cream has no sign of wrinkle-fighting sunscreen (which Gallo says is because it would interfere with its active ingredients), I was told they're working on coming out with an additional sun protecting product. I'd say the results are worth layering up. Their Smooth Eye-perator is also my new favorite eye cream.

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I've also become a guinea pig for Luxtural, a new line by Pnina Vilinsky that has even harsh critics like Simon Cowell singing its praises. The treatment is aimed at increasing the hydration for skin to prevent premature signs of aging with peptides and herbal extracts. Clinical studies have shown that skin retained 81% of hydration six hours after application. After trying this for a few weeks, I could feel my skin turning into velvet. Success.

Do you have an anti-aging regimen? What are some of your favorite products?