Fascinating New Photo Series: What's in Your Bag?

A new photo series lets you look inside people's purses. You'll be surprised by what we found.

Handbag contents
(Image credit: Future)

Notice anything different on the back page of Marie Claire lately? It's "In the Bag," a stuff-voyeur's dream, where we ask one of our favorite celebs (Rachael Ray, JuJu Chang) to dump out her purse and show us what she's lugging around all day.

Well, it seems we've stumbled upon a trend — today, the site we can't stop clicking around is Persona, a Flickr set of fascinating photos by Atlanta-based lensman Jason Travis.

Off and on since 2007, Travis has taken photos of interesting-looking people and the contents of their purses, backpacks, and hipstery messenger bags. Common effects include SLR cameras, poetry books, and bike gear. Our favorite off-the-wall items are toy race cars, a harmonica, and (yikes) a gun.

Personally, we're lusting over this pretty lady's sunglasses. Where'd you get those retro beauts, Kristen?