Fascinating New Photo Series: What's in Your Bag?

A new photo series lets you look inside people's purses. You'll be surprised by what we found.

Handbag contents
(Image credit: Future)

Notice anything different on the back page of Marie Claire lately? It's "In the Bag," a stuff-voyeur's dream, where we ask one of our favorite celebs (Rachael Ray, JuJu Chang) to dump out her purse and show us what she's lugging around all day.

(Image credit: Future)

Well, it seems we've stumbled upon a trend — today, the site we can't stop clicking around is Persona (opens in new tab), a Flickr set of fascinating photos by Atlanta-based lensman Jason Travis.

Off and on since 2007, Travis has taken photos of interesting-looking people and the contents of their purses, backpacks, and hipstery messenger bags. Common effects include SLR cameras, poetry books, and bike gear. Our favorite off-the-wall items are toy race cars, a harmonica, and (yikes) a gun.

Personally, we're lusting over this pretty lady's sunglasses (opens in new tab). Where'd you get those retro beauts, Kristen?