Tom Ford's Latest Fragrance Is Peak Indulgence

Meet "Vanilla Sex."

Tom Ford Vanilla Sex
(Image credit: Tom Ford)

Fragrance is inherently sensual. There's the simple act of smelling it—on yourself and others—and the physicality of application, holding a beautiful bottle and feeling when those tiny droplets touch your skin. Tom Ford's latest launch, Vanilla Sex, takes this concept even further. They're calling their new, unisex fragrance "the epitome of sensual pleasure."

Launching Thursday, December 21, Vanilla Sex is the newest Private Blend fragrance Tom Ford, the namesake beauty line from a fashion house that consistently communicates luxury. On top of their beautiful packaging (this one features opaque, cream-colored inner lacquering, a honey-tinted outer layer, and a caramel-hued plaque), it features high-quality ingredients that create a long-lasting, unique scent.

Vanilla Sex features three specific vanilla notes that meld together to create both glamorous brightness and seductive depth. The first, Vanilla CO2 Extract, sets the stage while the brand's exclusive Vanilla Tincture India (created specifically for this scent) "wraps the senses in a soft, evocative embrace." Lastly, the dark Vanilla Absolute strikes a contrast to deepen the experience. Other notes include jasmine, orris, and sandalwood.

"Vanilla Sex is made more desirable with an alluring complexity that is unmistakably Tom Ford," shares the brand. "Any preconceived notions of vanilla's sweetness are dashed by sandalwood and orris notes that amplify the fragrance's unmatched sophistication."

And while gourmand fragrances are nothing new, Tom Ford knows for certain that this is something special: "One of the most sought-after ingredients in modern perfumery assumes a role that is anything but ordinary—and far from innocent," they add. "Vanilla Sex is maximalist vanilla in its purest form."

Need more proof? Take it from Marie Claire's beauty editor, Samantha Holender.

"Vanilla sex is anything but a boring fragrance. It's warm and inviting, not overly gourmand, and strikes a balance between sweetness and sandalwood," she notes. "I've had the pleasure of testing the just-launched fragrance for a few days now, and am loving the distinct scent for chilly winter days."

Tom Ford Vanilla Sex Eau de Parfum launches Thursday, December 21, in two sizes (30mL and 50mL) on

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