The Perks at These Top Startups Will Make You Rethink Your 9-to-5

LinkedIn released their list for 2017's 50 Most Sought-After Startups and the work perks are unreal.

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Startup companies have a long history of stepping up their perks at work, and LinkedIn has taken notice. The social networking company released their 50 Most Sought-After Startups List for 2017 on Wednesday, and the insane perks will make you want to quit your day job.

While most of the companies on the list were founded in San Francisco (after all, Silicon Valley is the mecca of startups), New York and Chicago came in second and third. Another interesting fact about this year's honorees is that about 12 percent of the companies listed have women at the helm, which is more than three times the number of female CEOs for the traditional Top Companies list released earlier this year, LinkedIn said. Editor-in-chief Daniel Roth said they also took into consideration "how well those companies were attracting talent from the Top Companies" when compiling the startups list.

And the perks are one of the reasons these companies are all attracting new employees. Startups have a reputation for setting a new standard for office culture, and the companies ranked this year are leading the pack in fun and innovative ways. Check out five companies that are taking work perks to another level, and this year's full LinkedIn Top Startups list below.


LinkedIn Ranking: #49

Description: Direct-to-consumer mattress retail

Main Headquarters: New York City

Perks: Sleeping on the job is acceptable. Casper's New York City headquarters allows their employees to do work while lounging on the company's famous mattresses or they can even take an afternoon snooze. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "power nap."


Houzz slippers

(Image credit: Houzz)

LinkedIn Ranking: #9

Description: Home remodeling

Main Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Perks: Comfort is king at Houzz. All employees are given a pair of branded slippers to wear around the office, which sure helps save money on a shoe budget for work.

Credit Karma

LinkedIn Ranking: #48

Description: Personal finance

Main Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Perks: The company's office space gives you all the reasons to want to stay and work late. They recently opened an onsite spa where they offer manicures, pedicures, and massages, and have rooms dedicated to music “jam” sessions, nap nooks, an art room, a library, and a coffee bar.

G2 Crowd

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LinkedIn Ranking: #20

Description: Business software reviews

Main Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Perks: Bitmojis are not just for your phones at G2 Crowd—they're used as office décor. Each new employee gets a personalized Bitmoji, which is hung in the entrance of the office in their first day.

Snowflake Computing

LinkedIn Ranking: #38

Description: Cloud-based data warehouse

Main Headquarters: San Mateo, California

Perks: This tech company knows the value of experiencing the great outdoors. In accordance with their name "Snowflake," the company hosts an annual ski trip to Lake Tahoe every February making it easy for co-workers to create an office bromance like the one below.

LinkedIn's 50 Most Sought-After Startups List:

1. Uber

2. Airbnb

3. WeWork

4. Lyft

5. Slack

6. NIO

7. Rubrik

8. Dropbox

9. Houzz

10. Convoy

11. General Assembly

12. Stripe

13. Glossier

14. Flexport

15. Aryaka Networks

16. Pinterest


18. Duo Security

19. Udacity

20. G2 Crowd

21. Blend

22. Opendoor

23. Cybereason

24. Cylance

25. CrowdStrike

26. Uptake

27. Affirm

28. Katerra

29. Ring

30. Convene

31. Coursera

32. Stitch Fix

33. Wish

34. Robinhood

35. Darktrace

36. Sprout Social

37. Virgin Hyperloop One

38. Snowflake Computing

39. ThoughtSpot

40. Zenreach

41. Cohesity

42. Pendo

43. Moda Operandi

44. Databricks

45. Skuid

46. Glint

47. Docker

48. Credit Karma

49. Casper

50. Elastic

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