What to Get Your Work Bestie for the Holidays

Because you know you couldn’t make it without her.

Your work bestie is more than just a colleague (obviously). She’s your career soulmate—by your side when the going gets tough to offer support, a shoulder to cry on, or the just-right meme.

A trusty work wife is crucial for coping with a high-stress job, so they deserve an extra special gift when the holidays roll around. A candle just won’t cut it, and chances are their desk already has all the decor and monogrammed stationery it needs.

To help navigate the increasingly complicated (and endless) landscape of potential presents this holiday season, we teamed up with Capital One to pull together a list of giftable experiences worthy of your office one-and-only, and guaranteed to result in some priceless memories. And as a little treat for yourself, you can buy them all with the Capital One® Savor® credit card and earn cash back along the way—4% on dining and entertainment purchases. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

1. Tasting Menu at a Local Restaurant

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This is the perfect gift for those with good taste. Who wouldn’t love insanely delicious food and equally important wine pairings? Even if you don’t live in a culinary capital, cities across the country are beginning to see home-grown restaurants pop up that offer eclectic and inventive tasting menus featuring ingredients from local farms. (Here's hoping she wants to dine out with you!)

2. Concert Tickets

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Do you and your work bestie blast the same songs on repeat at your desks to blow off steam? Check to see who's playing in town the next couple months and snag tickets for whomever they can't stop listening to—even if it's a band you only want her to play on her headphones. (If you buy tickets at Vivid Seats now through May 2020 with your Capital One® Savor® card, you'll earn 8% cash back.)

3. Oprah 2020 Vision Tour

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Three words: Oprah. Freaking. Winfrey. Lady O is hitting the road and touring North America in the new year for a series of big-arena motivational talks aimed at improving your overall well being and helping achieve positive change. There’s no guarantee everyone will get a car, but an all-around good time is a definite.

4. An Immersive Theater Experience

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For someone who’s a little adventurous, interactive theaters offer both an escape and a wild night of entertainment. “Sleep No More” changed the game with its fully immersive, mind-blowing experience. Now, there are tons of other options out there, from Shakespearean adaptations (“Drunk Shakespeare” involves less intense haunted-house vibes) to a contemporary take on Alice in Wonderland (“Then She Fell” in Brooklyn is a serious trip).

5. Art or Cooking Classes

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Let them flex their creative muscles with a painting, drawing, or sculpture class—maybe they’ll return the favor with a one-of-a-kind work of art. If they’re not as artistically inclined, look for an interesting seasonal cooking class, like pie baking or a fresh pasta course. After all, everyone loves pie and pasta.

6. A Spa Day

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This is probably the most tried-and-true gift for anyone and everyone. A little pampering will always be appreciated. Really wow them by opting for something a little unexpected. WTHN, for example, offers an acupuncture experience that blends ancient traditions with a modern touch. Plus, whether they're looking to run the world (and could benefit from a little stress management) or need a gut check (and want to banish bloat and help digestion), WTHN's organic herb blends will help them start the new year on the right foot.

7. Mini Wellness Retreat

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If a spa day doesn’t sound exciting enough for your ultra-glam work bestie, try gifting them an out-of-the-box wellness experience. There’s an endless array of less conventional outlets for bettering one’s mind and body. Infinity Float NYC offers a luxe floating sensory enhancement experience that is out of this world. If that’s not quite their jam, INSCAPE offers guided meditation classes in their studio (they also have an app!).

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