5 Ways to Deal When Work F--king Sucks

Besides just, you know, crying.

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Show me a man who likes his job 100 percent of the time, and I will show you a no-good dirty liar. Or a Pollyanna—there's no in between.

For the days on which you feel like you're Donald Trump's personal spray-tanner or the guy who has to clean up puke at the amusement park, here are five ways to carry on. #atleastuntilhappyhour #sobbingunderdesk #permaOOO


Answer: She would take one look at your desk and be like "No wonder you can't find any joy—you're buried in garbage." Your workspace is basically a metaphor for your mind/mood, so the messier one is, the messier the other. Toss anything that's no longer working for you, then look to these girl bosses for serious office inspiration


Staying in your Sleeper pajamas all day can do wonders for the psyche, as anyone who's ever worked from home can attest. Studies also show that people who telecommute report higher job satisfaction and productivity, so if you can swing it, avoid your desk as often as possible. That way, you don't have to clean it either. 😜

Be the change

Did you really think we'd let you go without talking about some self-improvement sh*t? LOL NO. Step one: Take a good, hard look at yourself in relation to your work. Why are you bored/stressed/dying slowly? What can you change, however small, to be happier? Step two: Make it happen, whether that means asking for more responsibility or, yes, quitting your day job. Bonne chance, take a leap, etc. 

FTS (not the fat-thumb definition)

You know, you could always just leave—at least for a bit. Going for a brisk walk 100 percent helps, 120 percent if you're with someone you can bitch with. Who knows? You might have an epiphany and never go back.

Remember that the natural order of things is chaos, so maybe entropy will win and this will all be over soon

Nothing is permanent. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is permanent...

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