Why You Should Forget Everything You Know About Job Hunting

It's time to find your calling

job hunting

(Image credit: Courtesy of Company)

Whether you are a recent college grad or trying to make a major career move, looking for a new job can be dizzying. There is no "right way" to find your next gig or land yourself on the career path of your dreams, but a little guidance can put you on track.

50 Ways to Get a Job is helping job hunters do just that by swapping traditional career advice for a color-coded, endlessly clickable interactive website full of exercises meant to inspire, organize, and ignite your job search.

Created by Dev Aujla and Billy Parish, co-authors of Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money, and Community in a Changing World50 Ways to Get a Job helps people around the world discover their true calling.

The site is divided into eight stages, ranging from "Finding My Purpose" to "Stuck." Each category features small (and very doable) missions like creating a job search spreadsheet or taking time to sit quietly.

Some steps like "Discover How Long Your Money Will Last" are rather sobering, but when paired with fun tasks like "Go on a Solo Trip," the careening path of advice is bound to both entertain and prepare even the most overwhelmed future employee.

The site aims to connect people with non-profit jobs or roles in the "social good sphere," but the practical exercises can be applied to any sector. Though the 50 steps are numbered, following them out of order is encouraged. As the site states, "There is no one linear path to figuring out how to live well."