Cara Delevingne Live Tweets Rant from a Public Bathroom

A paparazzi allegedy started to "stroke his ass" at the model.

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We're all aware of how much celebrities dislike the paparazzi, and we're not talking about the ones who are there to just snap a photo on the red carpet (because how would celebs perpetuate their careers without press?). We're talking about the photo-snappers who hide behind bushes, abusively yell, and block paths to get their red-carpet casualty to lash out for the sake of a story.

Cara Delevigne has had enough. A paparazzi allegedy started to "stroke his ass" at the model. She then took to her Twitter in a 7-Tweet long rant about the affair.

"I am currently hiding in a public bathroom because of guess who...," Delevingne tweeted. "If you guessed paparazzi you were right!!" she continued. "Thanks for making me feel like a caged animal once again. You won!" About thirty minutes later the model was able to escape her likely smelly confines with the help of two body guards.

This isn't the first time the model has expressed her disdain for these camera-weilding animals. We're impressed that the model has taken a strong stand, but we're even more impressed that she found a public restroom in NYC that was bearable to be in for thirty minutes--this is the equivalent of finding the Holy Grail.