Lana Del Ray Debuts a Chilling New Song in This 'Age of Adaline' Trailer

It's soundtrack gold.

Update, 4/22: The latest trailer has a bonus: It debuts Lana Del Rey's gorgeous new song, "Life Is Beautiful," which is featured in the film (out this Friday!). Take a look/listen:

Update, 2/13: The plot thickens. In the new trailer for Age of Adaline, Blake Lively still can't tell anyone she's been 29 since Eisenhower was in the White House, but maybe she can trust her current guy because he's been in Gisele's Chanel commercial. If she does go through with it, it can't be more awkward than the scene where he introduces her to his dad...who just happens to be Harrison Ford, whom she once dated back in the '60s. Yikes.

This probably doesn't say anything good about us, but the most prominent takeaway we got from watching Blake Lively in the new Age of Adaline trailer was "Whoa. She must have a better vintage collection than the Met!"

It's true the costumes are beautiful, which is helpful considering the plot of the Lee Toland Krieger-directed film is rather outlandish: After surviving a magical auto accident, a preternaturally attractive woman ceases aging and goes on to have a fling with Harrison Ford and a bunch of other guys while figuratively running from the law and literally running from commitment. (How they're going to explain her normal-human daughter is beyond us. Oh—and taxes.)

Watch the trailer below, and keep your calendar clear for April 24.

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