The Best Reactions to Cynthia Nixon's Governor Run

“I couldn’t help but wonder...could Miranda fix the subway?”

Channing Tatum's Daughter Just Gave Him a Makeover
"This is what it looks like when a little tyrant fairy artist holds …
Katy Perry Shades Taylor Swift on 'American Idol'
The "Swish Swish" singer had some words for contestants singing Swif…
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12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Stylists

They don't need professional help.

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Zayn Malik Just Got a Giant Neck Tattoo

That's one way to cope with a breakup.

Jennifer Garner Wants to Punch Her Oscars Meme in the Face

She opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about going viral... but what was she thinking about in the infamous clip?

Alicia Vikander Is Up for the Challenge
After a string of period films, heart-tugging dramas, and art house indies, the Oscar-winning actress opens up about her first action-h…
Ellen Pretending to be Kim Kardashian's Surrogate Is the Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

"Shoot. I just remembered I'm not allowed alcohol—do you have wine?"

Selena Gomez Just Purged Her Instagram and Only Follows 12 People Now

Who is still in the running to be Selena's friend? Is Bieber?