Watch Princess Margaret Fall Madly in Love in This Exclusive Look at 'The Crown' Season 2

Step aside, Peter Townsend.

Between the breath-taking costume design, the attention to detail, the incredible sets, the historical drama, and the fact that it has us craving tea non-stop, there are many things to love about The Crown. But Princess Margaret in particular is a fan-favorite for many viewers—and it makes sense: The stylish sister of Queen Elizabeth II brings the glamour, and, thanks in part to her relationship with Peter Townsend in Season One, is one of the most relatable characters on the show.

In the above exclusive trailer above, it's clear that The Crown Season Two will go even deeper into the aftermath of the princess' forced breakup with Townsend, and cover her new romance with Antony Armstrong-Jones—which, judging from the looks of things, is going to be *highly* romantic.

December 8 cannot come soon enough.

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