There's a Theory Circulating That Khloé's Pregnancy Announcement Was a Sponsored Ad

So about that big Calvin Klein logo in the picture, Khlo...

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When Khloé Kardashian posted on Instagram to officially confirm that she's expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, the internet reacted with overwhelming joy. Khloé has been open for years about her desire to be a mother and her struggles to conceive.

Khloe made the big announcement on Instagram, with a picture of Tristan's arms wrapped around her pregnant belly. But there was another eye-catching thing about the picture—the prominently-placed Calvin Klein-emblazoned band of her sports bra.

So did Calvin Klein sponsor Khloé's pregnancy announcement? It's possible.

As BuzzFeed News points out, an article ran earlier this month suggesting that the Kardashian family had signed on to star in a new Calvin Klein campaign. If that's true, then the post could be considered sponsored even if Calvin Klein didn't specifically pay Khloé to wear its sports bra in the sure-to-be-shared picture.

According to Federal Trade Commssion guidelines, if a celebrity or influencer is signed on for a longterm campaign with a brand or working as the face of the brand, then any post featuring that brand qualifies as sponsored content on social media. If the rumors of a Kardashian-led Calvin Klein campaign prove to be true, Khloé could technically be required to go back and add #sponsored to her pregnancy announcement.

BuzzFeed reached out to Calvin Klein for comment, but says the company didn't respond to confirm or deny reports that the Kardashians were working on a longterm campaign with the brand. Only time will tell if this was Khloé's baby's first sponsored post or not.

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