Donald Trump Got Burned by Celebrities Narrating 'Fire and Fury' at the Grammys

Best moment of the night by far.


You don't need to be a musician to win a Grammy—hell, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton all have Grammys. For years the recording academy has honored the "Best Spoken Word Album" for those ever-so inspirational speeches.

And host of tonight's award show, James Corden, is already expecting Donald Trump to be part of next year's prize.

"We know that our current president does love winning awards, and the good news for him is he might just be the subject of next years' winner," Corden said.

In this hilarious segment from Corden, celebrities audition to narrate the book Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end for a surprise orator.

John Legend


Snoop Dogg

Cardi B

DJ Khaled

And the "audition" that mattered the most...

Hillary Clinton

Most of Twitter found the bit to be one of the show's better moments, but U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley was less than enthused.

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Maybe someone should remind her of all the political statements artists have made with their music?

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