Jennifer Lawrence Calls the Hemsworth Brothers "Disgusting Animals"

Tell us how you really feel, J-Law.

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Being the ever-unpredictable interviewee that she is, Jennifer Lawrence couldn't help but shake things up during a Nov. 19 appearance on Conan; this time by crushing our dreams, revealing that Liam Hemsworth isn't the super cuddly, panda onesie-wearing hunk we thought he was. He—along with his brothers, Chris and Luke—are actually just a pack of "animals" who are "disgusting" and enjoy eating scabs for five dollars. (Well, at least according to J-Law.) 

When asked by the talk show host why she refers to Liam as a "bear," Lawrence didn't hold back one bit: "He's an animal! His whole family, they're real animals. It's the craziest family I've been around in my life. The way that they communicate is so physical and crazy."


After an impassioned impression of the siblings' wild antics, the Hunger Games actress concluded by reiterating, "They're disgusting. They're real bears; they're animals!"

To see what she means, watch below:

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