Jennifer Lawrence Calls the Hemsworth Brothers "Disgusting Animals"

Tell us how you really feel, J-Law.

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Being the ever-unpredictable interviewee that she is, Jennifer Lawrence couldn't help but shake things up during a Nov. 19 appearance on Conan; this time by crushing our dreams, revealing that Liam Hemsworth isn't the super cuddly, panda onesie-wearing hunk we thought he was. He—along with his brothers, Chris and Luke—are actually just a pack of "animals" who are "disgusting" and enjoy eating scabs for five dollars. (Well, at least according to J-Law.) 

When asked by the talk show host why she refers to Liam as a "bear," Lawrence didn't hold back one bit: "He's an animal! His whole family, they're real animals. It's the craziest family I've been around in my life. The way that they communicate is so physical and crazy."


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After an impassioned impression of the siblings' wild antics, the Hunger Games actress concluded by reiterating, "They're disgusting. They're real bears; they're animals!"

To see what she means, watch below:

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