Kristen Stewart Thinks Jimmy Fallon Is Cursing on National Television

"Tell those mother f*ckers..."

Kristen Stewart has absolutely no clue what Jimmy Fallon is saying. (Do any of us though, really?) But in her defense, this is the Tonight Show and she's playing the Whisper Game, which basically makes you look like a fool trying to guess what people are saying while wearing noise-cancelling headphones. 

When Jimmy (doing his very best Al Pacino), tries to get her to guess "Say hello to my little friend" from  Scarface,  Kristen thinks he's saying "Tell those motherfuckers..." Umm, I don't think he would say that on the  Tonight Show,  K.Stew. (What would Johnny Carson say?). Then she guessed "Take my bathroom to the friend, " which is also gold. But her best guess is definitely "Call the fruit back," which really was "Kung Fu Panda." Someone please start a blog called "Call the Fruit Back."

The entire thing really is worth watching to see Jimmy try to say "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? " Good luck with that one, Jimmy!

On a more serious note, the two also discussed Kristen Stewart's night at the French César awards—and just how different it is from American award shows. As the actress begins,"it's 5 hours of people very indulgently talking as long as they want to talk." How she found out she won though is very unexpected:

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