Kristen Stewart Wants Her Movie Promo Outfits to "Shock" by Showcasing "Female Sexuality" That's "Not for the Male Gaze"

A queen, now and forever.

Kristen Stewart 'Love Lies Bleeding' promo outfits
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Kristen. Stewart.

While I feel these two words pretty much speak for themselves, I will elaborate: The actress is currently on tour promoting her new movie Love Lies Bleeding, and she's been generating headline after headline because of her awesome outfits, all of which are heavily lingerie-based.

Kristen Stewart in New York City March 2024

Kristen Stewart wears black and white hot pants with a matching t-shirt and Chanel leg warmers.

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As it turns out, Stewart isn't embracing the no-pants life just 'cause—there's a real message behind the move.

Along with her stylist Tara Swennen, the Spencer star is intent on challenging received notions about "female sexuality," according to an insider who spoke to Us Weekly.

Kristen Stewart in New York City March 2024

Kristen Stewart poses in a garter belt, triangle fishnet bra and leather jacket in New York City.

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"Kristen and her stylist have taken her press tour looks as an opportunity to show everyone what the film is about," the source said. "Even if people don’t see the movie, Kristen is hoping they see her promo tour looks and are forced to deal with how they receive and react to female sexuality—when it’s not for the male gaze. Kristen wants her outfits to shock, but also to show strength."

Kristen Stewart at the Love Lies Bleeding premiere in Los Angeles March 2024

Kristen Stewart attends the Love Lies Bleeding premiere in Los Angeles in a bodysuit and sheer tights.

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Over the last couple of weeks, Stewart has stepped out in nothing but cable-knit hot pants, in a fishnet triangle bra and garter belt, in an extra high-cut bodysuit with sheer tights, and more, looking fabulous in each look.

But knowing that the actress chose all of these outfits to deliver a social message somehow makes the whole thing even cooler.

Kristen Stewart wearing no pants

Kristen Stewart waves while wearing a button-down shirt and cable-knit hot pants.

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Love Lies Bleeding is a thriller in which Stewart's character embarks on a romance with Katy O'Brian's character. Directed by Rose Glass, the movie also stars Dave Franco and Anna Baryshnikov.

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