Kristen Stewart Says 'Twilight' Is "Such a Gay Movie"

She's thought about it a lot since the series ended.

Kristen Stewart
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Kristen Stewart rose to fame through her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight movie series, which was released between 2008 and 2012.

While on the surface the films are about the romance between a regular school girl (Stewart) and the vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Stewart has had a lot of time to reflect on the movies since they ended, and she sees distinct "gay" undertones in them.

"I can only see it now," she told Variety.

"I don’t think it necessarily started off that way, but I also think that the fact that I was there at all, it was percolating."

For context, Stewart is openly gay, and got engaged to her girlfriend Dylan Meyer back in 2021.

"It’s such a gay movie," she continued. "I mean, Jesus Christ, Taylor [Lautner] and Rob and me, and it’s so hidden and not OK. I mean, a Mormon woman wrote this book. It’s all about oppression, about wanting what’s going to destroy you. That’s a very Gothic, gay inclination that I love."

Stewart has two movies coming up soon: Love Me, which premieres at Sundance Festival on Jan. 19, and Love Lies Bleeding, which will be released March 8.

And since Twilight, she's well and truly found her voice via such varied projects as Spencer—in which she portrayed Princess Diana, Happiest Season, Charlie's Angels, Seberg, Still Alice, and many more.

I for one will literally watch any movie this woman has been involved in in any capacity, so I can't WAIT for the next one.

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