Kendall Jenner's Oscars Dress Was a Wardrobe Malfunction Waiting to Happen

The model wore the tiniest dress to the party.

Last night, Kendall Jenner showed up at the Vanity Fair Oscars party wearing what she might describe as a dress, but your mom would almost certainly call a shirt:

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The physics on this thing are mind-boggling and, frankly, anxiety-inducing. How do you WALK in it?

Clothing, Leg, Human leg, Little black dress, Shoulder, Fashion, Dress, Beauty, Thigh, Long hair,

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How do you RAISE AN ARM?

Clothing, Black, Shoulder, Dress, Fashion, Beauty, Skin, Little black dress, Model, Joint,

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How do you STAND?

Fashion model, Fashion, Clothing, Beauty, Model, Fashion show, Leg, Human leg, Thigh, Fashion design,

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She was caught tugging at her hemline a few times last night—because, again, anxiety—but the dress appears to have remained in place for most of the night:

Clothing, Leg, Black, Fashion, Human leg, Beauty, Little black dress, Thigh, Fashion model, Shoulder,

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And, if you thought there must be some magical contraption under there holding everything in place, well:

Fashion model, Clothing, Fashion, Leg, Beauty, Human leg, Thigh, Black hair, Model, Shoulder,

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Those sheer panels say otherwise.

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