Who Is the Royal Wedding's Hot Cellist?

His name is Sheku, and he is hot.

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The royal wedding is here, it’s happening, it’s magical, it’s wonderful, and we’re all crying. That is, we were, until Sheku Kanneh-Mason stole the focus with his ridiculously sensual cello-playing skills (a thing I didn’t know was possible until today).

And with just a few minutes of his beautiful playing, he has officially become known as The Hot Cellist by me, a soulless, thirsty woman.

And because Sheku is about to become an internet meme for his skillz, I went ahead and made your crushing easier by rounding up everything we know about sweet Sheku, along with an insane number of hot-ass pictures.

-He’s British

-He plays the cello

-He’s 19 years old (yeah, feels weird now, huh?)

-He won BBC Young Musician of the Year in 2016

-He was personally asked to play at the wedding by Meghan Markle herself

-He’s hot

I mean, just look at this clip. This is a very sensual clip. Of course, he's also incredibly freaking talented, which is the most important thing, but I know what y'all are here for, and it's the picz. So check them out.


royal wedding 2018 Sheku Kanneh-Mason cellist

(Image credit: NBC)

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(Image credit: NBC)

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(Image credit: NBC)

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(Image credit: NBC)
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