Fans Think Drake's Song "Finesse" Is About Bella Hadid—But Here's What She Says

"Should I do New York? I can't decide/ Fashion Week is more your thing than mine," he raps.

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After the drop of Drake’s new album Scorpion, there’s only one track that everybody’s talking about (not strictly true but for the purpose of this article, it is). The lyrics of “Finesse” tell the story of Drake’s romance with an unnamed fashion star, and it didn’t take long for fans to link the song with rumored flame, Bella Hadid.

Last summer, Drake and Hadid were romantically linked after he threw her a lavish 21st birthday party, and the pair were later spotted quietly leaving a club together. At the time it was thought that the whole thing was short lived, with some claims that the rapper had ghosted the model in November and other sources insisting they were just friends from the start.

But after listening to “Finesse,” it’s easy to believe that there could be more to this one than we all first thought. Drake drops references to New York Fashion Week and sisters that are “too hot to handle” while wanting to "commit" to the mystery lady, so hey, it’s not exactly rocket science.

That’s Drake’s take on the situation, but it looks as though Bella’s side of things is very different. Beyond done with the constant speculation, she took to Twitter to directly insist that everyone is reading way too much into the whole thing.

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Responding to a user who posed the age old question of “who hasn’t he banged” in response to an article about the pair, Bella hit back: “Not me!!! That’s disrespectful. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BE FRIENDS WITHOUT all the insinuation?”

What followed can only be described as a cavalcade of emojis. A hand over mouth, an inquisitive face, a despairing face and an angry face. The modern Ulysses.

Perhaps more importantly than the romance gossip, we should all probably be discussing the fact that Bella Hadid is seemingly living in some kind of real-life fan fiction and nobody's noticed yet.

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