Meghan Markle's Old Mantra About Patience and Lies Applies Now More Than Ever

She wrote the blog post around the time of her divorce.

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For further proof that Meghan Markle is the wise best friend that you truly deserve, see the latest quote that’s emerged from the treasure trove of her old lifestyle blog, The Tig. Just imagine you’ve just been left heartbroken, frustrated or betrayed by a loved one, and this is the solid-gold advice that she’s about to share with you over a glass of wine and a frozen pizza.

Writing candidly for a post back in 2013, around the time that she was going through her divorce from producer Trevor Engelson, the now-Duchess of Sussex opened up about her views when it comes to keeping the right relationships in your life. Meghan, who was with Engelson for seven years before their marriage in 2011, shares her own personal mantra in the form of a motivational quote from Portuguese author Jose Micard Teixeira.

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Meghan was also keen to share a passage with her readers about not wanting to “coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise”. While clearly applicable five years ago at the time of her divorce, the quotes apply perhaps now more than ever to the Duchess, as she struggles to handle the controversial behavior of her own family, and their constant speaking to the press about her private matters.

The personal post finishes with an extra helping of sass: Meghan included the quote: “And on top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience.” Let's all start channeling our inner Meghan "take-no-sh*t" Markle a little more often.

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