Nick Jonas Took Priyanka Chopra on His Favorite Getaway for a "Magical" Trip to the Mountains

She couldn't take her eyes off her fiancé.

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Having recently confirmed their engagement with an enviably huge party in Mumbai, complete with a giant golden monogram because why not, Priyanka Chopra and fiancé Nick Jonas could not be more in love right now if they tried. The couple, who have only just returned from their special family time in India, have already decided that another romantic getaway is on the cards, and have headed into the mountains for some private, one-on-one time together.

Nick whisked his future wife away over the weekend to his favorite place for enjoying a little peace and quiet. Together, they headed to Mammoth Mountain in Northern California to relax, after a chaotic few weeks spent introducing their parents for the first time and announcing their upcoming wedding to the world. The location is clearly a go-to choice for Jonas, as the Jealous artist has previously chosen to spend past Thanksgivings there, and even recorded much of his last album in the secluded spot.

Priyanka couldn’t keep her eyes (or her Instagram filters) away from Nick on the trip, as she turned photographer to capture their time away as an engaged couple. The picture, which the JoBro shared on his own social media pages with the caption ‘a man and the mountains’, showed Nick looking like the ultimate camping model in a dark jacket and sunglasses, while enjoying a beer in front of the picturesque view.

His fiancée kept behind the camera this time around, but Priyanka did share a quick vacation picture of her own on Instagram stories. The idyllic set up of their luxury camping spot gave fans a sneak peek into their private vacation, along with the perfect humble brag hashtag of #Magical.

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Just a few days before their adventure trip to Mammoth Mountain, intrepid travelers Jonas and Chopra were spotted together arriving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they reportedly visited an agave farm for the day.

Add to that their week-long visit to India, their previous whirlwind trip to London for the proposal, plus a handful of back-and-forth stays in New York, and it’s fair to say that Nick and Priyanka have definitely earned their passport stamps this summer.

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