The 14 Most Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Left Shark forever.

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The Super Bowl is the biggest TV event of the year and—as exciting as the game might be—the moment we're all really waiting for happens at halftime, when artists bring their A+ game. (Or, A++++ in the case of Beyoncé). Here are 14 of the most memorable Super Bowl halftime shows of all time.

New Kids on the Block, 1991

NKOTB plus some Disney characters, because why not?

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Michael Jackson, 1993

The King of Pop delivered one of the first truly iconic Super Bowl halftime performances. You're welcome.

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Diana Ross, 1996

Diana Ross set the standard for Super Bowl diva performances in 1996.

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The Blues Brothers, 1997

Because the '90s were a magical time when fictional bands could play the biggest televised concert of the year.

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NSYNC, Aerosmith, and Britney Spears, 2001

Back in the Golden Age of Boy Bands and Midriffs, the guys of NSYNC and Britney herself teamed up with Aerosmith for a huge halftime show.

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Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, 2004

In what's probably the most iconic Super Bowl moment of all time, Janet Jackson suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing with Justin Timberlake.

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Prince, 2007

Prince delivered a stellar performance, complete with guitar, at the 2007 Super Bowl.

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Nicki Minaj, Madonna, M.I.A., 2012

Talk about an all-star lineup—and the pom poms were a perfect, playful touch.

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Beyoncé and Destiny's Child, 2013

Beyoncé on her own is amazing enough, but when Bey staged a full-on Destiny's Child reunion at the 2013 Super Bowl, she took things to the next level.

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Bruno Mars, 2014

Bruno Mars was made to perform at Super Bowls. His energy was so high, it made the game look like it was happening in slow motion.

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Katy Perry, 2015

Katy Perry opened her 2015 Super Bowl performance in an unforgettable way: by riding out onto the field on a giant tiger. NBD.

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Left Shark, 2015

We all know who the real hero here is.

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Beyoncé, 2016

Coldplay might have been the headliner this year, but when Beyoncé and her dancers rolled out in formation, it was obvious that was the only thing we'd be talking about the next day/week/month.

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Lady Gaga, 2017

Lady Gaga shut it down at her 2017 Super Bowl—performing an epic halftime show when the Falcons and Patriots faced off last year. She made a bold political statement with a powerful mashup of her biggest songs—from "Born This Way" to "Bad Romance" to "Million Reasons." Justin Timberlake has a lot to live up to this year.

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