What Peter Kraus Thinks You Should Do If You're Still Dying For Him to Be The Bachelor

Peter Kraus may never be The Bachelor, but he's making money moves to improve his skin (and yours), and talk about his time in Bachelor Nation.

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Come January 7, we'll have a new Bachelor—and you've probably already come to terms with it being Colton Underwood, not longtime Bachelor Nation heartthrob Peter Kraus. The runner-up on Rachel Lindsay's season insists that you shouldn't expect him to make his return to the Bachelor franchise anytime soon. "At this point, it's not really needed in my life," he tells me. (That sound you hear? It's my quiet sobbing.)

While Kraus says he doesn't know much about Colton Underwood or the upcoming season of The Bachelor, he can't help but compare his experience to the experiences of contestants that came after him. "I love my guys that are from the show. We made a really tight bond. They will always be my buddies." He's closest with Dean Unglert and Iggy Rodriguez from his season.

But! Kraus has been busy with other things, like his bootcamps (which you can totally attend), and being the face of Kamedis Dermatology, a botanical skincare line. To men who think skincare is a waste of time, Kraus has some important words for you: Step it up. "I just wish guys would understand like, it's okay to use. There's no like anti-aging cream that you have to worry about six times a day, and like special pills or that." Skincare, and Kamedis in particular, is "just as basic as they come, but it's as effective as it'll be." (And yes, Kraus has used a face mask before. Get on it.)

Sadly, we can pretty much scrap all hope that Kraus, great skin and all, might be The Bachelor, or on a spin-off like Bachelor in Paradise or The Bachelorette. Sorry, adoring fans. Sorry, Reddit. To anyone who's still holding onto hope he might be the show's lead, or anyone who felt disappointed that The Bachelor isn't who they wanted, Kraus has some advice: "I'm still a person that's out in the real world. Like if they want to say, Hi," say, 'Hi'. Come to my bootcamps. Meet me in person, and then get to know me. "

Hear that? His DMs may be closed to becoming The Bachelor, but they might be wide open for you. You never know.

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