What to Know About Emma Watson's Tech Boyfriend Brendan Wallace

They were spotted kissing in Mexico back in October.

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Last May, Emma Watson broke up with Chord Overstreet (who you probably know from Glee), after dating for six months. Watson, 28, and her rumored boyfriend Brendan Wallace, 37, have reportedly been seeing each other since October when they were first spotted kissing in Mexico, and the tech CEO is a bit more low-key (okay a lot more low-key) than Overstreet...to say the least.

Here's everything we know about Wallace and his relationship with Watson.

He's a CEO...

Wallace is the co-founder and managing partner of Fifth Wall Ventures Management, a venture capital firm that focuses on technology in areas like real-estate, construction, and hospitality. If you want an in-depth explanation of what he does, watch his interview below.

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...So, yes, he's pretty smart.

According to People, the businessman graduated from Princeton University in 2004 with a B.A. in political science and economics. He also earned his MBA from Stanford Business School in 2010.

He's active on Twitter.

You can follow him here if you're into tweets about business and tech. The more you know!

Watson and Wallace have only been spotted together in Mexico.

As we mentioned earlier, Watson and Wallace confirmed their romance with a kiss at a restaurant in Mexico. You can see the cute pics here and here.

It's unclear how they originally met, and considering Watson is very quiet about her love life, we probably won't be getting any answers soon. Check back here for updates.

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