Meet Louis Spencer, the Young, Hot, Eligible Nephew of Princess Diana

Louis Spencer, where have you been all my life?

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If you were paying close attention to the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last year, you might have noticed a dashing blonde-haired gentleman among the guests: Louis Spencer, a.k.a. Princess Diana's nephew and Prince Harry and William's cousin. At the time, Louis, a.k.a. Louis Frederick John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, was noticed mostly for being a very cute guest and member of the royal family. Good news: We now know he's single, thanks to British magazine Tatler's "eligible bachelors" list.

Described as "Harry Lite" by a Marie Claire editor who will go unnamed, Louis Spencer is 24 and a member of the prominent Spencer family that, of course, claimed Princess Diana as a member. He's the only son of the 9th Earl Spencer, and has three older sisters. Here's everything else we know about him. Also some photos, you know, just 'cause.

He's an heir.

As the only son of the 9th Earl Spencer (even though he has three older sisters), he's the de facto heir to the Althorpe estate and will eventually inherit the title of Earl and the estate from his father. So, if you want to get involved in that...I'm just saying.

He's the brother of Lady Kitty Spencer.

Here's how the family tree goes: Louis is the son of Earl Spencer, Princess Diana's brother, who is divorced from Louis' mom Victoria Aitken. His sisters are Kitty and twins Eliza and Amelia—Louis is the youngest.

He and two of his sisters attended the royal wedding; The photo below shows Kitty on the left and mom Victoria on the right.

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He's well-traveled.

Louis was born in Westminster and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa with his sisters (apparently to escape media attention), and still travels around the world. According to Tatler, he's studying at the University of Edinburgh.

It looks like he has an Instagram.

To be honest, I'm a little surprised, given how hard it was to dig up information about him. It's not a verified account, but he does have the same picture Nicki Minaj posted when she says she met him (below). Spencer doesn't post a ton, but he did last put something up in December, so the account is still active. In May, he apparently posted a throwback picture of him holding some puppies, which I am sharing here for...research purposes. (Seriously, he is really cute.)

Nicki Minaj (jokingly) called dibs.

In 2015, the rapper talked about meeting Spencer. "he said he wants to marry me 😂" she joked. Spencer also posted the same photo, saying, "Thinking about lots of night ago [sic]."


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Twitter LOVED him.

Apparently Meghan's dress and floral arrangements weren't the only things people talked about on that special day.

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Same. Same.

Anyway, here are some more photos of him, again just 'cause.

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Enjoy! I know I am!

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