Prince Philip Officially Surrenders Driver's License Following His Controversial Car Crash

Prince Philip was involved in a car crash in Sandringham in January. People called for the 97-year-old royal to stop driving and he has now announced his plans to do just that and has officially surrendered his driver's license.

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The Duke of Edinburgh has officially put his driving days behind him. On Saturday, news broke that Prince Philip (opens in new tab) had voluntarily surrendered his driver's license following his high-profile and controversial car crash in Sandringham (opens in new tab) last month.

The crash, which happened in mid-January, happened when Philip was driving (opens in new tab) near the Queen's country estate in Sandringham, where she and Philip traditionally stay after the Christmas holidays. Philip wasn't injured in the crash, (opens in new tab) but two other people involved did sustain minor injuries (they were treated at a local hospital, but were later discharged).

While there is no legal age limit for driving (opens in new tab) in the United Kingdom, drivers over 70 (opens in new tab) are required to renew their licenses frequently—every three years. Philip, who is 97, (opens in new tab) faced public pressure to stop driving after the incident, and now, whether as a result of the public response to the crash or not, he's decided to do just that.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace confirmed (opens in new tab) the reports, explaining that, "After careful consideration, the Duke of Edinburgh has taken the decision to voluntarily surrender his driving license." 

Daily Mail royal correspondent Rebecca English (opens in new tab) broke the news on Twitter (opens in new tab), writing:

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Prince Philip (opens in new tab), who has always been known as one of the most willful and outspoken members of the royal family, retired from public life in 2017, but still makes some appearances with Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family.


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