Kate Middleton Reportedly Waited Until Meghan Markle Left Sandringham Before Joining the Royal Family Hunt

The Duchess of Cambridge is a "keen markswoman", apparently.

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Family politics are always a little tricky to navigate over the holidays, and there's no exception even for the royal family. One of the most complicated matters that fans anticipated could cause a stir for the royals at Christmas stemmed from one of their longest traditions—the family’s annual Boxing Day hunt, versus well-known animal rights activist, Duchess Meghan Markle.

While her transition into royalty has so far been pretty seamless, it looked as though Meghan’s own beliefs had the potential to clash dramatically with her in-laws’ long-standing annual shooting trip. Back in 2017, it was reported that Prince Harry had skipped the hunt for Meghan when they were engaged. Then, in September, sources said that Harry had shocked the rest of the royal family by skipping the grouse hunt in Balmoral, too.

However, earlier this week it emerged that the Duke of Sussex did in fact choose to participate in the hunt this year. An insider also added that even Meghan herself accompanied sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, to the post-shoot lunch at the log cabin on the royal family’s estate, to join in with at least some of the festivities.

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But, interestingly, it seems that Kate may also have made a conscious effort to take note of Meghan’s beliefs.

The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly went shooting too, but only on the day after her animal-loving sister-in-law had left the Queen's Sandringham estate on Boxing Day. It’s thought that, once Meghan had departed, Kate joined husband Prince William in a hunt in Norfolk on Thursday, and even used her own, “personal 20-bore shotgun” for the occasion.

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It is the first time in a few years that Kate is known to have taken part in the annual Sandringham shoot.

A source told Mail Online: "She frequently goes out shooting when she is staying at Anmer Hall and has become a really good shot. She is very much into the hunting, shooting and fishing country lifestyle. The 20-gauge smooth bore gun is ideal for shooting game birds."

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The insider explained: “Meghan has realized that the royals have been doing this for centuries and aren't going to change their ways. Harry has explained to her that the numbers of birds need to be kept down on the estate and that this is all part of the management. She has accepted this but doesn't like watching it,” they continued.

“She enjoyed the lunch and got on well with Kate, but I'm not sure how she would feel about Kate taking part.”

Uhh, I guess this is what you call a tactful family compromise?

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