Prince William Takes Responsibility of Princess Diana's Beloved Charity, The Passage

His mom brought him there when he was little.

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This morning, Kensington Palace announced that Prince William would become Royal Patron of The Passage Charity and that he would visit them today. It's a sweetly touching move for William; His mom brought him and Prince Harry along to the charity as far back as 1993 to show her sons the importance of volunteer work and caring for others.

In 2016, William spoke about the visit to The Passage and everything it meant to him. "The visits I made as a child to this place left a deep and lasting impression on me—about how important it is to ensure that everyone in our society, especially the poorest, are treated with respect, dignity, and kindness, and are given the opportunities to fulfill their potential in life,” he said at the time.

The Passage is the largest resource center for homeless individuals in the U.K. and they have reportedly worked with more than 130,000 in the nearly 30 years that they've been in existence. There's video of William cooking and helping to serve food (here he's making spaghetti bolognese, yum!) and interacting with the volunteers who work at the charity:

Here's the image of Princess Diana, William, and Prince Harry at The Passage Charity when the kids were both young:

And here are their names in the visitor's book from that visit:

So, William's selection of patronage is particularly meaningful and sweet—making sure his mom's legacy lasts through his generation and beyond.

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