Prince William Was Reportedly "Mortified" by Princess Diana's Tell-All Interview After Her Split from Prince Charles

In 1995, Princess Diana gave a tell-all interview to the BBC about her divorce from Prince Charles. Prince William was reportedly mortified by the admissions his mother made in the interview and struggled at school as a result.

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Every kid struggles to watch their parents go through a divorce. That is especially true when the divorce turns ugly and it's especially especially true when said ugly divorce is going down between two high-profile parents and one of them decides to give a tell-all interview about the ~drama~.

Prince William (opens in new tab) dealt with that exact situation as a teen. Will was 13 when Princess Diana (opens in new tab) gave her infamous tell-all interview on the BBC's Panorama, in which she spoke candidly about the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles (opens in new tab) and his affair with his mistress/future-second wife (opens in new tab), Camilla Parker Bowles.

"There were three of us in this marriage," Diana told the interviewer, Martin Bashir. "So it was a bit crowded."


Zingers like that didn't just sting Charles though. They also took a toll on Will (opens in new tab), who was "mortified" by the interview, according to royal expert and biographer Katie Nicholl (opens in new tab). In her book, Kate: The Future Queen (opens in new tab), Nicholl breaks down how things were at school for Will during this time, writing:


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In addition to just being an embarrassing and distressing situation to live through on its own, the divorce and the press surrounding it also added to Will's stress with the paparazzi (opens in new tab) at school. Per Nicholl:

Everything about this makes our hearts ache for Will.

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