Chris Evans Is Coming to Broadway

Prepare yourself accordingly

Chris Evans will make his Broadway debut next year in a play by Oscar-winning Manchester By The Sea writer-director Kenneth Lonergan. Playbill (opens in new tab) reports that he'll star opposite Michael Cera in the revival of Lobby Hero, which centers on a murder investigation in the lobby of a Manhattan apartment building.

The play, which originally debuted in 2001, brings together an ambitious young security guard, his stern boss, an intense rookie cop, and her unpredictable partner, in a story that explores "how choices made under pressure define who we really are."

Directed by Trip Cullman, the Second Stage Theater production will kick off the company's first ever Broadway season when it opens March 2018, at the Helen Hayes Theatre. So that's one more for the list of Broadway Things You Want To See But Probably Can Never Get Tickets For. Still bitter, Dear Evan Hansen.

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Emma Dibdin is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles who writes about culture, mental health, and true crime. She loves owls, hates cilantro, and can find the queer subtext in literally anything.