Who Is Hannah Brown, the 'Bachelor' Star Looking for "Fierce Love"?

It has been a dramatic season of The Bachelor, and of course the Women Tell All episode was no exception. But one of the most interesting aspects of the episode was Chris Harrison toasting to Hannah Brown finding "fierce love," which hints that might be on track to become the next Bachelorette. So, what do we know about Hannah?

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It has been a dramatic season of The Bachelorand of course the Women Tell All episode was no exception. People almost hit each other! Someone tried to stuff a pacifier into another person's mouth! But one of the most interesting aspects of the episode was Chris Harrison's interview with Hannah Brown (a.k.a. Hannah B., Hannah Beast, and my favorite, Hannahbama, per Sarah Hyland).

Chris Harrison toasted to Hannah B finding "fierce love," which is just one hint that the former Miss Alabama might be on track to become the next Bachelorette. Our resident Bachelor expert Amanda Mitchell even has Hannah as her pick to nab the role!

Update: Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss added fuel to the fire when he tweeted that he'd narrowed down his Bachelorette picks to a few women. "T, H, D, C, H..." he wrote, referring (I think) to Caelynn, Hannah B., Tayshia, Hannah G., and Demi. He added: "I will be live tweeting the announcement of our next #TheBachelorette prior to Monday’s heart-stopping finale!!!"

So, what do we know about Hannah? Plus, let's revisit how her journey with Colton Underwood, a.k.a. the Man Who Jumped the Fence, played out.

She's from Alabama, obviously.

From her bio page, Hannah hails proudly from the state, went to University of Alabama ("Roll tide!") and graduated with a communications degree, looooves country music—oh, and won the title of Miss Alabama USA 2018 in her "spare time."

She had a very awkward start to her one-on-one date.

Hannah and Colton climbed into a hot tub and enjoyed a picnic, which is when Colton asked her to make a toast. The visibly terrified Hannah clammed up—but she opened up later during dinner about her nerves, and totally saved it.

In the Women Tell All episode, Hannah re-tried her speech and did a fabulous job: "Cheers to this beautiful day together, new experiences, and continuing to be honest, real, every moment we have together, and roll tide!" 

She also had drama with Caelynn.

Fellow Bachelor contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes was Miss North Carolina USA, and beat out Hannah in the Miss USA pageant. There was a ton of drama between them on the show, with both accusing the other of being deceitful and false to Colton, but once they finally sat down and had a real conversation, the two patched things up.

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On the Women Tell All episode, both women agreed that they were able to support each other at this point, which was nice and in no way because both of them are hoping to be the next Bachelorette.

She channeled her "Hannah Beast" on the show.

In the midst of the Caelynn drama, Hannah said she was going to let her "beast" out (complete with over-the-top roar), and the name kind of stuck. Hannah told Fansided, "I feel like some people were like, 'Oh it’s fun and it’s silly,' but to me the beast has been more about being okay with who I am and opening up and not really caring what anybody thinks. That’s what the beast is to me, so it was fun!"

She had a graceful exit.

Hannah was, to put it mildly, totally blindsided when Colton sent her home after meeting his family. Ouch. But through her tears, she remained strong in the face of rejection and said in her exit interview, "I will not allow myself not to feel chosen every single day."

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She later told Fansided, "I truly believe that and even though I was so upset and so caught off guard, in my heart I know that’s what I deserve and what I want from a person."

She's now BFFs with fellow contestant Demi.

Demi Burnett, who was billed as this season's "villain," paired off with Hannah during the show, and the two stayed friends. Hannah explained to Fansided, "I talk to my girl Demi on a daily basis. We talked for an hour last night before we went to bed. We told each other 'sweet dreams.' So we are always calling each other up. I’m so thankful for the friendships that I made on the show."

So, will Hannah B be the next Bachelorette? Well, Reality Steve says he knows for sure, but I won't spoil it for you. If you want your intel straight from Reality Steve, click here.

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