Is Colton Underwood Engaged After 'The Bachelor' Finale?

You're going to want to sit down. (Spoilers ahead.)

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The Bachelor season 23 had a bunch of firsts. First virgin Bachelor. First fence jump. But apparently the finale, and the episodes leading up to it, has another first in store for all, and it all comes down to the mega-important question we've all been wondering: Is Colton Underwood engaged (and if so, to whom)? Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

So, the short answer is...probably not. According to Reality Steve, who is the expert on all thing Bachelor spoilers, Colton picked Cassie Randolph, and they're together, but they are not engaged. Based on what we saw of previous episodes, Cassie started to balk at the idea of saying yes to an engagement so early in to their relationship. (Note: Reality Steve is not always correct. But...he is right a lot of the time.)

If you'll remember waaaaaay back to their first one-on-one, Cassie told Colton that the fact that she isn't a virgin might not sit well with some of her conservative friends and family once she goes back home. We also now know that Cassie even starred on a conservative Christian reality show Young Once. In the hometown dates where Colton met her family, he didn't get the "blessing" he wanted from Cassie's dad, and Cassie pointedly didn't tell Colton she loved him.

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Reality Steve had originally posted that Cassie was the one that Colton picked, but that it happened in a very interesting way that was a first for the the show: After the overnight dates with Cassie and Tayshia, Colton decided he wanted to get engaged to Cassie and sent Tayshia and Hannah G. home (so, no final three rose ceremony). But then he got some more information on exactly what went down, and it's a WHOLE POT of dramatic tea.

Update: The fence jump hath happened! Read our full recap of last night's episode below.


So after the overnight date with Tayshia, I guess Cassie got cold feet, told Colton she wasn't ready to be engaged (I believe before their overnight date even happened), and essentially just quit the show. Cue: fence jump, and Colton freaking out. So, then Colton sent home both Tayshia and Hannah G. and also essentially quit the show without selecting a bachelorette or getting engaged to anyone. No final three rose ceremony, no final rose ceremony, no engagement, no final decision. OMG.

Then, Colton went to Cassie, and The Bachelor shot some footage that shows, apparently, Colton telling her he wants to be with her. He's okay with not getting engaged so soon, and they decide they would be fine just having a normal, non-show-based relationship. So: Colton "picked" Cassie, but as of this writing (and potentially after a few months of having a secret post-show relationship) they're still not engaged.

Soooooo WOW. That is quite a dramatic ending—turns out that fence-jump wasn't overblown after all. I can't WAIT for After the Final Rose. Give me all the deets, people.

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