Are Colton and Cassie Still Together? 'The Bachelor' Had an Unconventional Ending

Spoilers abound.

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We won't know for sure until After the Final Rose, but speculation abounds about the current status of Colton Underwood's relationship with Cassie Randolph. In the penultimate episode of The Bachelor this season, Cassie quit the show (spoilers ahead!)—but Reality Steve predicts that Colton sensationally goes to her after sending Tayshia and Hannah G. home, tells Cassie he wants to be with her, and they ultimately decide to date each other. Still, that all happened IRL a few months ago. What about right now?

Well, all signs are currently pointing to: Yes, Cassie and Colton are still together. Thanks to some eagle-eyed social media fans, the Bachelor blogger Reality Steve, and our resident Bachelor expert Amanda Mitchell, who's already done a deep dive on who ended up with Colton based on social media, here are the biggest hints from social media and elsewhere to make an educated guess. Plus, we can make an educated guess based on Colton's social media activity alone—seriously, the man loves the like button, and it's super revealing.

First off, Colton liked THIS recent photo about Cassie talking about hometown dates.

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He hasn't liked any other recent posts of Cassie's—although, to be fair, he has also liked posts by other bachelorettes. After Caelynn put up an emotional post after she went home, he liked that as well. So he's spreading around the love a bit, I guess.

Also, Colton has been liking posts from Gregg Sulkin, who just happens to be Cassie's sister's boyfriend. First it was this one:

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And then more recently, he liked this photo too! Colton, my friend, you're not even pretending to hide it at this point!

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There have also been a few non-Instagram hints that the two are sneaking out to be together. There's a photo of Colton that might have Cassie's hand in it, which Reality Steve spotted. (That's such a DEEP DIVE into Cassie's personal life, including the color of her phone case, that I'm quite impressed.)

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Also, Colton follows Cassie on Venmo, which is interesting...

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Plus, there have also been a few hints based on paparazzi photos posted by Just Jared showing Colton headed to the gym with Gregg. Coincidence? Highly unlikely, guys.

Again, it seems like Colton is kind of over hiding his relationship at this point, so that seems to bode well for the couple still sticking it out post-show.

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