Who Wins The Bachelor and Colton Underwood's Heart? Here's Every Social Media Clue

It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

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Navigating the social media world during Bachelor season can feel like walking through a landmine. It may be a stretch to compare reality television to a war zone, but it can be a bit of a shock to be scrolling through the comments and get smacked in the face with some information that will change your entire viewing experience. Every season of The Bachelor, including Colton Underwood's, I vow not to read Reality Steve or read spoiler-y Reddit threads, and every season I stumble on a seemingly harmless comment that gives it all away. This season, I've chosen instead to delve deep into the social media usage of contestants, and I think I've cracked the code on who is walking away with Colton Underwood's heart this season, and I've done it just by going deep into their social media use to show you how I may have figured it out. No spoilers, but my best guesses.

We'll see. I'm not saying I'm psychic or anything, I just get premonitions! (And regardless: If you're one of those people who wants to remain spoiler-free, I suggest you click out of this immediately. Just stay off the internet completely! Shut it off! Who needs it?)

Okay. I'm going to reveal who I think Colton's final pick is, but I'm going to hide it behind gifs.

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I think it's Cassie Randolph, our favorite American Sign Language speech pathologist.

Sorry if this shatters your heart, but I firmly believe this to be true for some...rather arbitrary reasons. Let's put on our Nancy Drew caps and see what clues led me to this decision!

Clue #1: The fact that you're not seeing her is a good thing.

Every Bachelor season has what can be called the "sleeper edit," where a contestant who hasn't been shown very often pops up in the final 5 or 6, and the lead struggles to eliminate them because they have such a great "connection," and the audience is yelling WHERE IS THIS CONNECTION? The Catherine Guidici and Chris Siegfrieds of Bachelor Nation, if you will. And we saw how well that worked out for them, and it seems to have worked out for Cassie, too.

We're still at the point in the season where we're widdling down the pack to the real stand-outs, but it feels like for every time we see Cassie, we get four shots of Demi or Caelynn. The only people we've seen less of this season are Kirpa and Katie, it seems—Cassie has been gifted with a great talking head commentary about being happy for Caelynn's date with Colton, while also being devastated by it.

I've also spotted her in every single preview in every episode up until this point.

Clue #2: Colton's clearly infatuated with her.

I mean, look at this shot of the two of them from the preview of this week's episode and tell me it's not obvious.

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Look at this kinda sexy wall lean move!

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Clue #3: She's liking his tweets!

Colton doesn't follow any of the contestants from this season on social media, which isn't surprising, because he doesn't want to give anything away. And it's not surprising that Cassie follows Colton on social media or that she likes his tweets, but it's not the fact that she's liking the tweets, it's the content of the tweets that's important to note.

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How wonderfully supportive, and so like a girlfriend or fiancée to like this kind of thing!

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Both not afraid to poke fun and supporting a charity initiative? Get it, girl. She also likes any tweet that mentions "Colton and Cassie," would you do that if you were brutally dumped by a guy? (Yes, but maybe that's why I'm single. Guys, date me!)

No retweets, though. Once she gets to retweeting, you'll KNOW it's a done deal.

Clue #4: Reality Steve may have a clue or two.

Not to outsource this very intense investigative research, but I must give credit to the OG of Bachelor spoilers, Reality Steve, who may have noticed a link between a manicure color and a photo Colton took.

I can't believe we live in a world where my manicure can prove whether or not something happened.

Clue #5: Colton may have slipped up.

Colton likes a lot of photos on Instagram, he's super active. But Colton may have liked one Instagram photo he shouldn't have. Actor Gregg Sulkin is dating Cassie's sister, Michelle, and while Colton doesn't follow Cassie, Michelle, or Gregg on Instagram, he still managed to like this picture:

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Coincidence? I think not. But can we take a second to acknowledge how cute that dog is?

Clue #6: Her Pinterest page may reveal a few details.

Okay, my arms may hurt from reaching this hard, but Cassie's clearly got marriage on the brain, if her Pinterest page is to say anything. Admittedly, my Pinterest is also full of wedding-related pins, and I'm so single I invested in a Tinder Gold account. I pay to use Tinder. But still!

Cassie's Pinterest shows that her taste in engagement rings is classic, simple, leaning towards rose gold with an oval-shaped diamond. There's no way to tell where or when these rings were pinned, but they're public pins, not private. Maybe she's not trying to hide anything.

Clue #7: Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, and I all think so.

I mean, if Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Kimmel are placing their bets on Cassie, they must know a thing or two I don't.

Clue #8: He follows her on Venmo.

I present:

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(Image credit: Venmo)

Clue #9: That photo.

So, over the weekend, Colton was spotted leaving an Altadena, California gym with musician Jake Miller and actor Gregg Sulkin. Which, whatever, a (former) football player hanging out with famous people? Big whoop.

Uh, huge whoop, because Gregg Sulkin just so happens to be dating Michelle Randolph, a.k.a. Cassie's sister

Here's a photo.

COME ON, COLTON, REALLY? To quote Chandler Bing: Could you *be* more obvious about spoiling your own season? I'm not speculating anymore, but after the narrative they're setting that Cassie is far from ready for marriage, it looks like we're in for a very wild ride in the last few episodes remaining of the season.

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