These Are the Exact Protocols for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Royal Baby Birth

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    • As reported in HELLO!, these are the traditional practices that Meghan's sister-in-law Kate Middleton and other royals have abided by over the years.

        I don't know about you guys, but I am readying myself for the Royal Baby Countdown (yes, that's the official term). We're in the final stretch, so I have the BBC on TV, I'm wearing my Union Jack tee shirt, and my fingers are poised over my keyboard so that I may write eloquently and maturely about the ADORABLE CHUBBY-CHEEKED CUTENESS of the new little one (boy? girl? We'll find out!!). So it only helps to know exactly what the protocol will be, so that we can all know exactly what to expect when the big day arrives and it breaks the Internet.

        According to HELLO!, the protocol is based off of the royal births of previous royals, including Kate Middleton and Prince William. The most hilarious tradition, in my opinion, is that Queen Elizabeth is literally called on an encrypted line to be alerted to the new addition before anybody else hears about the news (I mean, aside from the new parents themselves, because, duh). I imagine the Queen sitting quietly by the phone, corgis at her feet, sipping tea, but inwardly just so excited to get the call.

        In the case of William, he told his family and Kate's family, then got to enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet before the absolute public insanity began. It stands to reason that Harry will do the same; Doria may actually be there already, so that takes care of one relative!

        In the age of social media, previous royal births have been announced on Twitter first, then on the Royal Family website and the media. Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have split their household from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they might need to launch a new Twitter handle or use the Royal Family's Twitter account. (If you follow that account, you can turn on notifications on your phone to be alerted to every tweet. Just sayin'.)

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        A few days later, we'll likely get the royal baby's new name. Fun fact: He or she will probably have three or four names, including a couple middle names, but might not have a title. Per HELLO!, "Her Majesty declared in 2012 that all of William and Kate's children would be known as Prince or Princesses, but there is currently no same rule for Harry's children."

        And then, a few weeks later, we'll get a christening—and four to seven godparents—just like Prince Louis.

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        In Meghan and Harry's case, the baby will probably be baptized at nearby Windsor Castle, and my money's still on George and Amal Clooney for grandparents. GET EXCITED.

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