Justin Bieber Just Pranked Everybody With a Fake Sonogram

On April Fool's Day, Justin Bieber announced via Instagram that wife Hailey Bieber is pregnant. "Very funny," she wrote in response.

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Surprise! Sort of. On Monday, a.k.a. April Fool's Day, Justin Bieber posted a photo of what looked like wife Hailey Bieber getting a sonogram, along with an ultrasound photo he appears to have taken from Google Images.

Given that Hailey commented on her husband's post and seemingly implied it's not true, fans are assuming that it's a (slightly weird?) April Fool's prank—but a pretty convincing one, considering he posted a second photo of Hailey undergoing what looked like a sonogram. He captioned the Instagram, "If U thought it was April fools."

Here's the first Instagram of the sonogram:

His wife Hailey commented, "Very funny...."

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And here's the "evidence" that this is, actually, a photo from Google Images.

Bieber alluded he was going to be a father the other day when he posted an Instagram updating his fans about his mental health. "...I am now very focused on repairing some of the deep rooted issues that I have as most of us have, so that I don't fall apart, so that I can sustain my marriage and be the father I want to be."

Justin, please confirm on April 2 when we are no longer plagued by April Fools jokes.

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