Chrissy Teigen Is Taste-Testing New Recipes and They Look Incredible

Hot crab dip, anyone?

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I did not expect to begin my morning salivating over crab dip before even procuring a coffee, but thanks to Chrissy Teigen's Instagram, that's precisely what I wanted for breakfast (instead, I had some soggy granola. Please dedicate your tiny violin solos to me). On Instagram, the model and cookbook author shared a video of herself and husband John Legend tasting a hot crab dip recipe she developed for her upcoming website—which, she said, is "coming soooooo soon AHHHHHH."

Chrissy also made a bold statement on Twitter: "crab is better than lobster in any and every way. there is no debating this," she wrote. (She is correct, of course, but the lobster roll and lobster mac and cheese enthusiasts in her mentions were not happy.)

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Back in February, Chrissy announced the impending launch of her own recipe site, tweeting, "oh man...after mannnnnny years of talking about it and muccccch work by many extraordinary beings, I am finally going to have a WEBSITE on the INTERNETS!" The recipes will be brand new, rather than repeats from her bestselling cookbooks, and influenced by fan requests on Twitter, she said. There's still no launch date for the site, but if Chrissy's latest Instagram is anything to go by, it won't be long before we're all furiously bookmarking it.

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Meanwhile, in her down time, Chrissy's discovered a new hobby: scratch-off art. Posting videos of the intricate process on Twitter, she wrote, "found a big-kid version of luna’s scratch off art I’m obsessed with." The activity is "so good for anxious beings," she explained—but it does come with a health risk. "This part was so hard, neck killing me," she tweeted alongside a final video. Let that be a warning to you, scratch-off artists. It might be worth popping on a neck brace.

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