You Could Literally Be Neighbors With Prince William and Kate Middleton Now That This Norfolk House Is Up For

Want to live right next to Anmer Hall?

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Ever fancied yourself a royal confidante? The moment is upon you, friend, and all you have to do is bid farewell to your friends, family, and career, move to Norfolk, England, and potentially abandon your beloved cat. Yes, the house next door to Prince William and Kate Middleton is up for rent, as Metro reports, and while you can probably move your dog in, don't even consider violating the "strict no cats policy." 

Let's get more specific: When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aren't at Kensington Palace in London, they're in their country home in west Norfolk, a Georgian manor named Anmer Hall. As Town and Country reports, the 10-bedroom property was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II, and forms part of the royal Sandringham Estate. 

Here's where you could come in: the Sandringham Estate rents out a host of properties in the area, including one 20 Cherry Tree, a terraced cottage with two bedrooms that just happens to sit across from the Anmer Hall drive. It's got a big garden, off-road parking—and two extremely famous neighbors (five, actually, if you count George, Charlotte and Louis). And it'll set you back £700 a month (about $850).

According to the Sandringham Estate website, they prefer to let to those who "live and work locally," though they'll consider "those moving to the area." They're discerning landlords: "Properties are not let on a first come, first served basis, but rather on which prospective tenant is best suited to the property," the website says. Which means you probably shouldn't turn up in your Union Jack-printed suit, wearing a Kate Middleton mask and a replica of her engagement ring you found on Etsy.

But picture this: your dog, who you hastily swapped your cat for on learning you'd been accepted by the Sandringham Estate, slips his lead, and ducks under the Anmer Hall gate. (You can't simply call the dog back, because you cannot remember his name.) It swings open, and you're met by the Duchess of Cambridge herself, holding your dog—and a cup of tea in the other hand. Won't you come in for a chat? Royal life is awfully lonely. Just don't let her see your victory fist pump.

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