The Internet Is Demanding More Prince Edward After This Epic Cake Cutting Video

Prince Edward Presents The Duke of Edinburgh's International Gold Awards
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  • The Queen's youngest son, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, is enjoying a moment right now, thanks to a video of him cutting a cake at a royal engagement that went viral this week.
      • In the wake of Edward's cake-cutting fame, royal fans are calling for him to be given more royal engagements.

        The people (of Twitter) have spoken and they are demanding more Prince Edward.

        Edward, the Earl of Wessex, is the Queen's youngest son and he's enjoying a moment right now, thanks to a video of him cutting a cake during a royal engagement in a way that the Daily Mail described as "flamboyant."

        The clip was filmed during the 55-year-old royal's recent visit to the Lakeland Community Care Centre in Northern Ireland, where he was asked to cut a special 25th anniversary cake.

        Edward might not be the most talked-about royal, but he made the most of the request and brought pure drama to the world of cake cutting, jabbing jabbed the knife in the air above the cake several times before plunging it into the dessert.

        The Royal Family, clearly proud of this regal display, shared the clip on its official Twitter account:

        And Twitter APPROVED:

        If you're worried that the Earl of Wessex wasn't taking the engagement seriously, though, rest assured that he was. During his visit to the center, which provides a variety of services for rural Fermanagh residents and offers space for social and sporting events, Edward showed serious support while meet with members of its "men's shed," a space for men to connect and avoid loneliness and isolation.

        Fingers crossed that Twitter prevails and Edward gets more engagement assignments soon.

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